Process for Making Concrete


fabricationProcess for Making Concrete

Concrete is comprised of different sizes of aggregate, sand, admixtures, water, and Portland cement. These raw materials are stored in silos or tanks on the site of the concrete plant. A computer-controlled dispensing machine selects and carefully weighs the materials needed to make the concrete mix specified by the client. These materials are then placed in the concrete mixer. While being transported, the drum of the concrete mixer turns on its axis and mixes the concrete. Upon arriving at the construction site, the concrete mix has a uniform, homogeneous consistency. Concrete mixer operators deliver the concrete to the site in accordance with the client’s specifications.

The Unibeton, Beton Miroc, Beton 640 and Beton Mercier divisions of Ciment Quebec Inc. have stationary concrete plants, as well as mobile plants that provide complete service to clients.



Cement Quebec Inc. (CQI) assists construction companies in their infrastructure projects and also for their industrial, commercial and residential construction. Bridges, road pavements, buildings, wind turbines,… Cement Quebec can support you in all your projects. CQI offers a leading expertise in roller compacted concrete (RCC), concrete roads, rehabilitation of roads and cement-based solidification and stabilization process for contaminated sites.