Leed Certification

Concrete Performance in Sustainable Buildings

LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification is a system that evaluates the environmental performance of a building. Only buildings  and projects can receive a LEED certificate. There are no LEED materials. However, the choice of materials for a sustainable building project can influence environmental performance. Since cement is versatile and adaptable, it can easily contribute toward obtaining this valuable certification in sustainable building.

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Project Evaluation System for LEED Certification? in Canada

They are many LEED evaluation systems to meet the needs of different types of buildings and projects; they are divided into six categories:

  • New construction (LEED NC);
  • Core and shell (LEED CS);
  • Commercial interiors (LEED Canada CI);
  • Existing buildings (LEED Canada BE: E&E);
  • Homes (LEED Canada for Homes); and,
  • Neighbourhood Development (LEED ND).

Canada Green Building Council (CaGBC) is an independent organization that certifies a project based on the total credits obtained after audits and examination of the documentation submitted by the LEED design and construction team. LEED proposes four levels of certification (certified, silver, gold and platinum) based on the performance of the projects.