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A Wide Variety of Concrete

Made of quality raw materials, and tested by our professionals in the lab and on site, our ready-mixed concrete products meet the highest industry standards. We make versatile mixes in accordance with the quality requirements of the Bureau de la normalisation du Québec BNQ 2621-900 Standard and its protocol BNQ 2621-905 as well as by the Canadian Standards Association CSA A23.1.

Unibéton offers a product line that meets the specific needs of our clients. Some of them have trademark certification, giving them a unique identity. In addition to these products, we offer others for specific applications.

Product Catalogue and Price List

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Portland Cement Concrete Safety Information

Material safety data sheet (WHMIS 1988).pdf

Safety data sheet (WHMIS 2015).pdf

List of our products

UNISOLANT TM Concrete for Insulated Forms

  • For walls in insulated forms
  • Good fluidity without separation
  • Uniform and quick filling


UNIGEL TM Concrete for Cold Weather

  • Concrete for laying during cold weather
  • Potential lower heating costs
  • Available in several formulations


UNIPLAN TM Concrete Slabs for Residential Soil 

  • Quick and easy pouring
  • Simplifies the finishing step
  • Reduces floor shrinkage and cracking


UNILITE TM Lightweight Concrete for Topping Common Walls 

  • Lightweight concrete
  • Remarkable acoustical and thermal qualities
  • Reduces loads on structures
  • Non-combustible


AGRIMIX TM Agricultural Concrete 

  • Resistance to chemical attacks in an agricultural setting
  • Resistance to freeze/thaw cycles
  • Complies with requirements of  the Guide technique d’entreposage des fumiers from the Ministère du Développement durable, de l’Environnement et des Parcs


UNIFLOW TM Self-Placing Concrete

  • For more complex and cumbersome forms
  • No vibration required
  • Excellent compression strength


Unshrinkable Fill

  • Quick and easy pouring
  • Economic, effective product
  • Self-compacting backfill material

Unshrinkable fill.pdf

Flowable Fill

  • Quick and easy pouring
  • Can be pumped
  • Fluid concrete mix with high filling capacity

Flowable fill.pdf

High-Performance Concrete (HPC)

  • Reduced dimensions for structural components
  • Excellent durability
  • Aesthetic improvement
  • Increased liveable area

Fibrous Concrete (steel or synthetic)

  • High tensile, traction and impact strength
  • Improved concrete ductility
  • Provides certain resistance against cracking

Colored Concrete

  • Concrete with mineral pigments added to enhance appearance

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Exposed Aggregate Concrete

  • Traditional concrete made with a specific aggregate to enhance the aesthetic value of the stone

Roller-Compacted Concrete (RCC) 

  • Concrete paving able to support heavy-duty vehicles and operations

Non-Leaching Concrete

  • Specially formulated for underwater form pouring
  • Complies with specifications (cahier des charges et devis généraux (CCDG)) of the Ministère des Transports du Québec (MTQ)

Pervious Concrete

  • Self-draining concrete
  • Reduces surface water (LEED projects)

MTQ Concrete

  • Complies with specifications (cahier des charges et devis généraux (CCDG)) of the Ministère des Transports du Québec (MTQ)