Our Vision, Mission and Values

Vision ?

Being focused on sustainable construction to ensure a better and viable future for all.


To commit to maintaining and enhancing the excellence of our products and customer service by:

  • regularly performing a technological watch;
  • investing in the best production, environmental management and employee protection equipment;
  • developing a competent, motivated team; and,
  • building ties with our community and our clients to build in a responsible, sustainable manner.


to do our work well.

Values ?

Five values are at the core of our company; not only do they define us, but they also guide our company every day.

  1. Innovation?
    We believe in the importance of innovation not only regarding the development of new products, applications and services, but also concerning our management approach. We must embrace change and be open to new ideas to attract the best talent.
  2. Openness?
    We are open to innovations that can add value to our products and services. It is in this spirit that our alliances based on respect have enabled CQI to be a leader in its market. We value open mindiness to facilitate personal and corporate growth.
  3. Efficiency?
    We strive for operational excellence by combining technical expertise and cost management to be recognized as a producer of high-quality, high-performance construction materials in North America.
  4. Utility?
    We strive to assist our clients to effectively meet their needs for their construction projects. We put our heart into our work to create conditions conducive to implementing winning, long-lasting solutions. We make useful products for society.
  5. Responsibility?
    Ethical behavior governs all our activities. We gain the confidence of our clients, business partners and community through our coherent and responsible corporate governance. Our daily commitment is to act respectfully, honestly and transparently. We make products based on a responsible process in accordance with the laws and regulations applicable to our industry. Our responsible development is based on economic performance, environmental protection and improved quality of life for today and future generations.