The Winners for the Grand Défi Entreprise

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Ciment Québec Unveils its Winners for the Grand Défi Entreprise Pierre Lavoie

On June 27, Ciment Québec invited the employees of its Cement and Transport divisions to a prize-giving ceremony for those who had participated in the Grand Défi Entreprise Pierre Lavoie (GDE). The GDE is a program that aims to make workers healthier by encouraging them to adopt a healthier lifestyle. Ciment Québec is the first company in the Portneuf region to take part in this program. As a first step towards greater awareness, a medical checkup was carried out by health professionals from the Centre de recherche de l’Institut universitaire de cardiologie et de pneumologie de Québec, a research centre associated with the GDE. An impressive number of workers participated: 92% of all employees in both divisions. This is an impressive score compared to the other fifteen companies where this program had previously been tried out. On average, only 77% of those company employees had agreed to participate, according to GDE organizers.

The second step was to get the employees to adopt a healthier lifestyle. During a contest from March 25 to June 16, participants strove to reach personal goals they had set after the checkup. Again, the turnout was impressive. In fact, 33 teams with 5 members each were formed out of a possible total of 39 teams. The signup rate was 85%, again a score significantly higher than the average that GDE organizers had recorded for other companies.

By eating better, by exercising more and by smoking less, participants earned action blocks that were recorded each week on their team’s web page. If a team reached a specific minimum number of blocks by the end of the 12-week period, it qualified for a lucky draw. This great adventure ended with a “happy hour” party for all participants and prestigious prizes for the winners. On the winning team were Benoit Murret-Labarthe, Sylvain Murray, Luc Alain, Gaétan Hardy, and André Delisle (chosen by lucky draw). They each won a $1,000 gift certificate from Frenette Bicycles Saint-Basile, a two-to-six-month membership at the Centre Form Action of Pont-Rouge or at Energie Cardio, and two front-row tickets for the Paul McCartney concert on the Plains of Abraham on July 23. Antoine Paquette, Pierre Alain, Martin Ouellet, Gaetan J. Paquet, and René Camiré were the team members who had the most blocks, and they were treated to a gourmet dinner at La Tanière restaurant, whose specialty is molecular cuisine. Louis Marcotte, the participant who accumulated the most action blocks, won a $300 gift certificate from Sports Experts. Alain Greffard, Roger Robitaille, Michel Pelletier, Raynald Gauthier, and Bertrand Thibodeau each won by lucky draw a pair of passes for the Festival d’été de Québec. Finally, David Rochette and Jean-Guy Bédard each won a gift certificate for a six-month membership at Centre Form Action. The gift certificates were donated by Mario Larue, who owns a training centre in Pont-Rouge.

While many participants didn’t win any prizes, they all won something more fundamental. They’re now reaping the benefits of a healthier lifestyle—a prize of inestimable value that brings a longer and more enjoyable life.

From left to right: Luc Papillon, Gaétan Hardy, Luc Alain, Sylvain Murray and André Delisle. Not there: Benoît Murret-Labarthe.