IMG_1202CQ Cement offers State DOT’s and Municipal public works officials the ability to rehabilitate destressed roadways using a method of asphalt recycling with its portland cement called “ProBase” that conforms to ASTM C-150 and AASHTO M-85, Type II standards.

The CQ Cement spreader is typically used for spreading cement in applications such as stabilized base.  Stabilized base has been used extensively as a means to increase the quality of a sub-standard granular material in many diverse construction applications.  The CQ Cement spreader, however, was specifically designed for use in Full Depth Recycling of asphalt roads with Cement.  The CQ Cement Spreader is a custom made device that delivers computer controlled applications of cement using rotary valves that are calibrated to match the speed and distance of travel of the spreading unit.

IMG_1203The resulting application of cement is uniformly consistent and helps create a more homogenous base layer with a higher structural capacity. What differentiates the CQ Cement Spreader from other systems used to apply cement is its large cement capacity and dual purpose dust collection system.  The on board dust collection system allows for loading and spreading operations with a dust free application in any environment; including densely settled housing areas.  Fugitive dust is recycled internally resulting in minimum waste and significantly reduced dust exposure during operations.

While there are alternative methods to spreading cement for stabilized base applications, CQ Cement offers the experience and specialized equipment that allows for maximum productivity, efficiency, and consistency.  The large, 40 short ton capacity of the CQ Cement spreader means more spreading time and greater utilization of other contractor crew and equipment.

For more information refer to PCA publications.