One Family, One Logo

The Ciment Québec Inc. (CQI) logo was updated  and is used by all company operating units, namely Unibéton, Béton Miroc, Béton Mercier and St-Basile Transport.  A unified logo underscores the strength of CQI.

After 65 years in 2012, 50 of which have been in concrete and aggregates, it was time for Ciment Québec to better represent the cohesion of the entire company by adopting a common banner, a single logo, and a consistent way of identifying each operating unit. The specific entity name is linked to CQI with a common symbol with the name Ciment Québec under the logo.

Its logo—well-known in the construction industry—was moved to the left to make reading easier. The red colour in Ciment Québec wasretained, but the shade of red is more intense. This red better represents the company’s many years in business and a number of key employees. A bright dark blue has replaced the traditional black. This blue is more in line with CQI’s vigor.