Environment Policy

Corporate Policy Regarding Environment

Natural resources being the foundation of its existence and the nature of its operation categorizing it as a heavy industry, Ciment Québec considers essential for its sustainable success to conduct its activities with the greatest respect of the general interest of the actual and future generations, notably by minimizing its environmental footprint.

With a global objective of reaching environmental excellence, each group entity must therefore make sure to identify and introduce the best existing related practices and to plan its investments having the environment concern at the forefront, by aiming at the best available technologies economically achievable, so to lower the exposure to environmental risks of our personnel as well as for the communities living close to our operating sites.

Beyond the strict respect of the environmental laws and regulations governing our activities, we must continuously act proactively to improve our environmental report.

To achieve this, we must:

  • always make an efficient usage of the natural and energetic resources, notably by making use of alternative materials and fuel to replace traditional materials and fossil fuel;
  • constantly improve the treatment efficiency of our solid, liquid and gaseous emissions;
  • lower the intensity of our solid, liquid and gaseous emissions;
  • lower our production of wastes and optimizing their reuse by recycling or energetic valorization;
  • promote the increase use of our cements and concretes as representing one of the most complete and best adapted solution to efficiently answer the requirements of the construction elements (infrastructures, buildings, etc.) so to allow and assure the sustainable development of the communities where our products are used.